Standing up to the Mob.

Sep 10, 2020 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

A woman called Lauren B. Victor was having a meal at an outside table at a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. Then the mob arrived. The video of her being surrounded while the crowd screamed at her to raise her fist in a BLM support salute has been one of the most viewed YouTube clips of this summer’s explosive end.

There were about 20 other diners at the tables around her. They all complied at once. Ms Victor was the only one who refused. She tried to explain to them she was already committed to the cause, but she refused to raise her fist when ordered to do so and submit to the coercion of a crowd uniformly stretching clenched fists into the air

They screamed different chants at her including “white silence is violence”, fists rigidly raised; she didn’t buckle.

One of the most chilling screams came in the form of an accusation masquerading as a question:

“Are you a Christian.”

It seems Lauren wasn’t, so the world never got to find out what this Black Lives Matter mob thought of ‘Christians’, but presumably they had worked out that they might be one group of people who didn’t easily buy into improving the world with mob violence, coercive terror and looting and followed a value system that resisted becoming a crowd-clone.

This shocking and blood curdling video has had an unexpected effect. It has inspired great kudos towards Ms Victor and more vivid understanding of what BLM is like under the skin.

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