Strictly Come Dancing bosses SHOULD stick to no same-sex couple plan

Sep 12, 2017 by

by Ann Widdecombe, Daily Express:

THE BBC says there are no plans for having same sex couples dancing on Strictly and if it is wise it will stick to its non-plans.

This is a family show with generations watching together and most families will not switch on if they think the programme has become unsuitable for the youngest viewers.

Most of us will remember the row when Kara Tointon said she was wearing her “dominatrix outfit”.

“Mummy, what’s a domiwhatsit?” lisped thousands of small tongues.

It was not, as a friend of mine who was watching with her small children observed, a question she expected to have to answer at that age.

She brushed it aside with “a lady who dresses like that”.

It is a fact that many of the performances on Strictly are suggestive and indeed, for a while, the judges even started to call some routines “erotic” in a complimentary way, an adjective which they dropped after a swathe of complaints about the sexualisation of Strictly and the performance of Robbie Savage.

[…] If men dance suggestively with men and women with women on Strictly those controversies will pale into nothing.

Parents like to control the pace of revelation and do not want to explain to infants the nuances of adult life.

[…] The editor of a Bristol paper was surprised when three years ago his sales dropped by thousands after he had featured a gay kiss on the front page.

He memorably said that after asking numerous people if they found it offensive and they all said no, he could only conclude that there was a difference between what people say and what they do.

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