Surgeon: More People Requesting Sex Change Reversals (But No One’s Talking About It)

Jun 15, 2018 by

by Michael Liccione, Intellectual Takeout:

Professor Miroslav Djordjevic, “the world-leading genital reconstructive surgeon,” has helped many people “transition” from living as a member of one sex to living as a member of the other.

But now he finds that he’s getting more and more requests to reverse the procedure. It’s called “detransitioning,” and is a growing and controversial phenomenon.

So why is there no formal research about it?

A story in Canada’s National Post describes how James Caspian, “a psychotherapist who specializes in working with transgender people, suggested the research after a conversation with Djordjevic in 2014 at a London restaurant where the Serbian told him about the number of reversals he was seeing, and the lack of academic rigour on the subject.” Caspian then formally proposed the research program to Britain’s University of Bath, where he has connections.

But after preliminary approval, the proposal was turned down by the University’s ethics committee. Caspian thinks the reason was fear of political backlash. The administration is now conducting an “internal investigation” into the problem and is not commenting further.

The underlying problem here should not be mysterious: fear of hostility for lack of political correctness. It’s unlikely there’s any other substantive, ethical reason for the committee’s attitude. But what could motivate the hostility they fear?

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