Tall Trans Tales for a Gullible Age

Jan 5, 2018 by

by Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine:

My wife and I decided long ago that we would live in a double-wide down by the river rather than send our kids to government schools. We are constantly reminded of the rightness of that decision, most recently by a talk given to a room full of kids at George Mason High School in Falls Church, Virginia who were forced to sit and listen to crackpot theories about gender identity, sexual orientation, and the usual yadda yadda yadda.

Amy Ellis Nutt is a reporter for the Washington Post who wrote a book about a boy named Wayne who from the age of two was said to believe he was a girl. How did he express this? How does a two-year-old express anything more than a desire for the breast and a dry diaper? Nutt claims the boy actually asked his mom when will he get to be a girl and when will his penis fall off. Does anyone really believe that a two-year-old would say such things?

Nutt says the little boy liked to play with Barbie dolls and wear his princess dress. Here’s a question for Nutt; where did he get Barbie dolls to play with and the princess dress? As far as I can tell, this adopted boy did not have any older sisters. Did Barbie dolls and a princess dress just happen to appear in his bedroom?

Nutt also says the little boy wore a tee-shirt over his head and down his back so that it would seem like he had long hair. This reminds me of Jazz Jennings, the transgender breakout star, who was said as a toddler to unsnap his Onesies to make it appear he was wearing dresses. These are nothing but tall tales for a gullible age.

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