Taxpayer-funded transgender lobby group demands free over-the-counter sex change hormones for children

Dec 18, 2017 by

by Lara Keay, Mailonline:

A publicly-funded transgender lobby has called for the abolition of legal gender records and birth certificates, as well free sex change hormones available to people of any age.

Action for Trans Health (ATH) has trained hundreds of NHS staff across the country and its leader Jess Bradley, 29, was at the heart of last year’s Transgender Equality Inquiry by the Government’s Women and Equalities Committee.

The group has this week released a radical manifesto, which makes a number of controversial demands of the UK health system and how it treats transgender people.

Entitled the Trans Health Manifesto, it reads: ‘We demand an end to birth certificates and to legal gender. Gender records should be anonymised, and only ever recorded as part of equalities monitoring.

‘Birth certificates are not just a violence against trans people, they are a material to the state’s oppression of ‘undocumented’ immigrants and asylum seekers.

‘We demand hormones & blockers are made available over-the-counter and by free prescription upon request.

‘We need free, universal access to safe hormones & blockers at any age, the opportunity to decide our own doses, and universally accessible information on the safety & efficacy of different regimens.’

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