Teachers to be protected from blasphemy complaints in crackdown on intimidating behaviou

May 22, 2024 by

from Religion Media Centre:

A government report is recommending new legislation to protect teachers from claims of blasphemy by religious groups. “Protecting our democracy from coercion”, by Lord Walney, says legal guarantees upholding teachers’ rights to freedom of expression should be introduced.

Schools will be barred from automatically suspending staff or pupils in response to blasphemy complaints and will have no obligation to consult parents on content that may insult certain religious groups.

The advice follows the case of a schoolteacher in Batley, suspended after showing an image of the Prophet Mohammed in an RE lesson, which was met with loud protests outside the school gates. But the guidance also includes race and gender complaints.

The recommendations are part of a review into violence in public life through intimidating, violent and disruptive protests, which was published yesterday.

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