Teaching about marriage is foundational to human society

May 7, 2022 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

While schools have become a key battleground for imposing new ideologies around marriage and gender, there are groups dedicated to supporting teachers that stand for reason and balance.

One of those organisations is the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT). Recently, I spoke to Sarah-Jane Bentley (ACT trustee and teacher), and Lizzie Harewood (ACT Executive Officer) about how to counter the ideological challenges teachers face today. You can listen to the full discussion here:

[…]  They explain that, while teachers have a statutory duty to teach “a full and balanced curriculum”, recent curriculum changes have allowed groups opposing real marriage to “push forward their controversial agendas”.

As a consequence, educational institutions are becoming “increasingly hostile to a conservative worldview” on issues such as marriage and gender. This means that all too often, teachers feel “isolated, alone, perhaps coerced” into teaching in a manner not in line with their professional judgement, or their personal beliefs.

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