Ten Prophecies re the Church in 2017

Jan 12, 2017 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

Last weeks Ten ‘Prophecies’ for Society/Culture in 2017 have already had a partial fulfilment.  Israel, Trump and the SNP ruling out a second Indy Ref in 2017.  But how will the Church of Jesus Christ fare in this coming year?  Only the Lord knows.  However I like to think ahead and watch trends. So here goes

 1) The C of S and C of E  in the UK will continue to decline – and evangelicals within them will continue to find it difficult to accept what is going on.  Likewise for the mainstream Protestant denominations in the US.   As they fall apart the number of new denominations and churches will continue to increase but whether they will make up for the decline is doubtful.  The Scottish Church census will be out in the first part of the year and I have no doubt that the figures will be bad.

One of the reasons why is because of the turning away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ which has taken place in so many churches.  It’s not often that the extent of apostasy in the church surprises me – I thought I had seen it all.  But this week I came across this:

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