That Hideous Strength – Part 3 – Barbarians Through the Gates – The Destruction of the Family

Dec 23, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

AS we continue our review and summary of Melvin Tinker’s  That Hideous Strength: How the West was Lost, this week we come on to chapter 5 where Tinker argues that the purpose of Cultural Marxism is to destroy the family.

“Equality is never going to be enough: what is needed is a total social revolution, a complete reordering of civilisation.  Reform….cannot change the deep-down attitude of straight people that homosexuality is at best inferior to their own way of life, a worst a sickening perversion.  It will take more than reforms to change this attitude, because it is rooted in our society’s most basic institution – the Patriarchal Family”  The Gay Liberation Front Manifesto

“Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.  Because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.  The institution of marriage is going to change and it should change, and again, I don’t think it should exist”   Masha Gessen (Lesbian author and activist).

I experienced this with Peter Tatchell when I debated with him on Revelation TV.  I challenged him that he had not really changed his view on marriage (he was opposed to SSM but then said he had changed) but that he was using SSM to destroy what was termed traditional marriage.  He did not disagree.   I also remember David Cameron as Prime Minister writing a letter (or at least his office did) in which he justified SSM by stating that two people who love one another should be able to marry whatever (which as a legal definition is to say the least absurd) and that marriage was going to be redefined for everyone!

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See also a more optimistic view which stems from staitistics showing that divorce rates are falling: Good news for families, bad news for divorce lawyers, by Harry Benson, The Conservative Woman


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