The Anti-Christ Message of Steve Chalke

Jan 7, 2018 by

by David Robertson theweeflea:

As I was preparing to preach on Romans 4 for this morning I was struck by these words from verse three – “What does Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”   I read in the commentaries the emphasis on the fact that Paul regarded the whole of the bible as Scripture.  As I looked forward to proclaiming that this morning I then read this from Steve Chalke ““The Bible is a library and not a book – that’s what the Bible literally means… the church over time has come to regard as sacred. It reflects the moral values and consciousness of each author”.  I cannot describe the feeling of despair, anger and hurt that overwhelmed me.  Jesus Christ has given us his Gospel and this Baptist preacher (much to the disgust of most Baptists I know) was directly attacking the Christ of Scripture (the only Christ that exists!).    So I tweeted a response and what disturbed me almost as much was the somewhat nonchalant attitude of some Christians who basically argued that Chalke was old hat and irrelevant.  I beg to disagree – his anti-Christ message causes havoc and is being widely heard.

Another problem comes from those who think that he is just presenting a different ‘Christian’ point of view.  The trouble is that many evangelical groups tend not to see the danger – they don’t agree but they will give him space on their websites and in their publications, because he is regarded as a Christian teacher.  But would they give a racist a platform to spread racist views?   I don’t think so – so why give someone who preaches an anti-Christ message a platform on a Christian website?  Is it because they don’t see it as anti-Christ?

So I wrote the following article.  I suspected that most broadly Christian media would not touch it with a barge pole (it is after all a bit ‘unloving’ and strong to call a fellow Christian pastor – anti-Christ!) but I decided to offer it anyway – rather than just write here on my own blog.  I am grateful that Premier Christianity took up the challenge and have published this article in full on their website – with an offer to Steve to respond.  Please do read it there and feel free to add your comments in the comments section (I am expecting a full storm!).  And let me know what you think.  Is it OTT?  I really am not interested in denominational quarrels or theological fights.  For me this is the very heart of the Gospel.  The Gospel which I go out to preach wholeheartedly this morning – and which I believe is threatened far more by the likes of Chalke, Brian McClaren and Rob Bell, than any of the new atheists.

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