The BBC’s trans misinformation

Mar 29, 2023 by

by Fraser Myers, spiked:

The BBC talks constantly these days about the perils of ‘misinformation’. Its journalists warn breathlessly about the spread of lies and nonsense on social media. But perhaps Auntie ought to take a look in the mirror.

A BBC News headline from earlier today told of a ‘Halifax woman’ who has been jailed for stabbing and tying up ‘her’ victim. But as the accompanying photo makes clear beyond doubt, the criminal in question is not a woman – he simply ‘identifies’ as a woman. This is not an isolated incident, either.

In fact, using a trans person’s preferred name and pronouns is recommended by the BBC style guide. Effectively, this means that staff at our supposedly impartial and objective broadcaster are not only encouraged to take a side in the gender wars – they are also expected to tell untruths in their journalism. Why is it always the self-styled warriors against misinformation who seem so intent on peddling it?

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