The church in a fallen west

Nov 26, 2023 by

by Campbell Campbell-Jack, TCW:

The fourth and final part of ‘The State of the West’.

We are forced to acknowledge that from Sweden to Italy, from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, the West is in dire straits. It is easy to highlight the obvious features producing social breakdown: uncontrolled immigration, identity politics, intolerant progressivism, supine politicians, the list goes on and on. The results are depressing.

When we say immigrants should integrate with the settled community, just what are we asking them to integrate with? Here in the UK we  lead the world in family breakdown. Families composed of married couples are decreasing and cohabitation and single parent families increasing, with consequent results for children in terms of education, delinquency and teenage pregnancy. The level of loneliness among the elderly is a national embarrassment. We are renowned for our rates of binge-drinking. If you were a Muslim immigrant, would you wish to integrate with this?

These are the social consequences flowing from an absence of political and spiritual leadership. Our political parties and churches fly under false colours. The Conservatives conserve nothing, Labour are interested in the workers only at election time, and the Liberal Democrats have proven themselves anything but liberal or democratic. The leadership of the mainstream churches has been taken over by progressives who are embarrassed by the claims of Christ and whose main occupation is the bureaucratic management of fast-disappearing institutions.

If you were to ask the man in the street what was the single most important element in the creation of the Western civilisation, it is doubtful that he would he mention Christianity. Today people are dangerously ignorant about their own heritage. Just as fish cannot see the water in which they swim, so Westerners cannot see their Christian heritage and its benefits. For example, God commands us to not murder one another. This may seem obvious, yet in many non-Western cultures female infanticide is a common and accepted practice.

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