The death of Methodism as God’s word is rejected

Jul 9, 2021 by

THE Methodist Conference has confirmed what the Church, i.e. the Colossians 1 body of Christ, has known for some time – that institutional Methodism had long amputated itself from the corpus

It is not surprising, but disappointing, that in completing this inevitable process at its 2021 Conference, members lacked the courage to be honest.

Instead of simply saying, ‘we don’t like what the Bible says’, they use nice-sounding, inoffensive-seeming Christianese to try to convince themselves (no need to convince the world – they’re joining them) that it’s all OK because it’s just being nice.  And religious.

The problem with such pronouncements is that they empty words of all meaning.  They not only do a disservice to the Church, but also to the English language.

The claim by the Conference is that the approval of so-called same-sex marriages and the special recognition of living together (cohabitation) came only after prayerful consideration.

That sounds right, no?  Praying is good. Nothing is said about this type of praying, though.  This is a type of praying to God, presumably, where God agrees to someone else’s interpretation of His own words.

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