The gay media can’t hide the truth anymore: same-sex ‘marriage’ is the antithesis of marriage

Mar 13, 2018 by

by Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite:

When it comes to gay “marriage,” things are not what they seem. Same-sex “marriage” is very different from the immutable definition of marriage embraced by every religious tradition for millenia.

Visit any gay-oriented media site, and you’ll quickly discover that vast discrepancy graphically displayed for all to see. It’s a thinly-veiled secret that the mainstream media would rather you not see. LGBTs, on the other hand, clearly don’t give a damn if you do.

For a few weeks, Instinct Magazine has featured a video commercial promoting vacations in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The ad shows a presumably “married” gay couple with “their” young son enjoying a vacation at the very gay-friendly tourist destination. It promotes the idea that families headed by two men are no different from families formed by a married father and mother.

Buying the notion that two men can replace a mother and a father requires a certain level of “suspension of disbelief.”

Yet if a website visitor were to cast his or her eyes to the stories adjoining the video ad, a completely different picture of gay “marriage” emerges. This picture of same-sex “marriage” is rooted in truth, not Madison Avenue fiction. Suspension of disbelief becomes impossible.

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