The Lion has Whimpered

Mar 28, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

[Editor’s note: Robertson’s devastating critique of Church of Scotland evangelicals’ failure to contend for the truth and capitulation to LGBT lobbyists]: “…invited to the table but they were not allowed any say in the menu… outmanouvered every time by fine words, appeals to unity (and to pride), threats and empty promises of jam tomorrow… Most evangelicals stayed in, but not to fight. Now they have been reassimilated into the Establishment to such a degree that they are completely toothless. …

If it has become impossible to fight and make a stance on the important issues, then maybe it’s time for the evangelicals to leave – for the sake of the gospel…. If the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, should anyone listen? …If evangelicals write a sound theological paper, and no one is listening, do they still make a sound? …they need to realise that its too late. This ship has sailed.”

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See also: Nelson Diocese votes to stick with the New Zealand church, by George Conger, Anglican Ink [another case of evangelicals choosing to accept ‘good disagreement’ within a compromised denomination.]




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