The media’s relentless promotion of transgender ideology is eroding public trust

Jun 6, 2023 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

There have been quite a number of media essays published recently by those who are concerned about misinformation, the collapse of trust in the fourth estate, and the increasing power of alternative or conspiracy narratives. Not one of these essays – and not one of the media critics writing about this issue – appear willing to address one of the fundamental issues eroding trust in the press: the media’s relentless promotion of gender ideology. The media wants people’s trust, while constantly offering them a challenge: “Who are you going to believe – us or your lying eyes?” 

Let’s take a much-mocked recent headline from the San Francisco Chronicle, published (not coincidentally) on June 1: “Sex and gender are binaries? Sorry, that’s a scientific falsehood.” The column, by one Ash Zemenick, begins thusly: “Ask many Americans these days and they will insist upon the scientific validity of a binary definition of sex. This line of thinking holds that there are only two sexes available for humans to inhabit: male or female. As a doctorate-carrying scientist, however, I attest that this is false.”

Americans haven’t suddenly come to the realization that there are two genders “these days” – people have recognized the gender binary for all of recorded history, a handful of cherry-picked anomalies notwithstanding. The author, of course, has a rainbow, a trans flag, and pronouns in his Twitter bio. He frequently cosplays as a woman, and identifies as “non-binary.” But don’t worry – he is a “doctorate-carrying scientist.” That, of course, simply undermines trust in both the press and scientists.

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