The New Black List

Apr 21, 2017 by

by Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine:

Not long ago I lectured to a class of seniors at Catholic University of America on the topic of the UN and the development of international law and human rights. Among the new efforts to develop human rights, I discussed “sexual orientation and gender identity” (SOGI), the hottest of topics anywhere.

During the discussion, as I fully expected, SOGI was all the students wanted to talk about and each of them who spoke expressed various degrees of concern, shock, and even disgust.

This was likely the only time they had ever heard that homosexuality cannot be adequately defined so as to create a distinct class of persons, and that even “gay friendly” academics agree. Likely the first time anyone told them that homosexuality is not inborn, and it’s certainly not immutable.

One young man smirked—many could only speak in smirks, some could only sit silently smirking—that he had a question but “you’re not going to like it very much.” I assured him I could take it. He remained unsure and had to be gently coaxed to ask his question. “What do you think of C-Fam being designated a hate group?”

There it is. The non-argument par excellence. The piece of information that supersedes all others, the non-argument that ends all others.

Welcome to the New Black List.

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