The new Department for Education RSE guidance: what should schools look out for?

Oct 4, 2020 by

from Transgender Trend:

The new Department for Education guidance on the teaching of Relationships and Sex Education re-establishes common-sense and evidence-based reality in schools. Although the new guidelines are for the RSE and PSHE curriculum, schools will want to ensure their policies outside this specific curriculum area are not in breach of the new guidance.

In fact, no transgender school guides or resources are compatible with the new Department for Education guidance (with the exception of our own schools pack). None are evidence-based; all promote the non-scientific idea of innate gender identity as fact. Teaching children to understand themselves through the model of ‘gender identity’ encourages children to believe their personalities are ‘wrong’ for their sex and their bodies are ‘wrong’ for not matching their gender identity. The idea of gender identity is inevitably based on gender stereotypes, there is no other way for children to understand it, and it gives children no way to be ‘right’ with themselves if they reject those stereotypes.

In this post we have put together just a few examples of the guidance and resources which schools should look out for as non-compliant with the new Department for Education guidance. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

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