The pregnant man emoji – more woke poison for young minds

Sep 17, 2021 by

by Kate Dunlop, TCW:

[…]  I can see your eyebrows lifting: emoji – who cares? Perhaps you should, because the new range includes a‘pregnant man’.

Emoji were created in 1999 by the Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita for Japan’s smartphone market and spread to the entire world. Many Japanese cellphone makers let their users send emoji years before Apple and Google adopted them. Initially niche, they are now universal after being added to several mobile operating systems. Even TCW Defending Freedom commenters use them.

[…]  Ordinarily, most people would laugh off the notion of the ‘pregnant man’ as another example of the fantastic lie that is being perpetrated by woke warriors and their spear-carriers in Big Tech, but there is a larger, more sinister issue here.

‘Gender critical’ intrusions into our everyday lives are increasing. The ‘trans’ disease is spread defiantly by militants who aim to destroy any vestiges of traditional biology and family norms and replace them with ‘the new normal’ ersatz LGBQTI+ versions; enforced speech codes and rules on institutionalising children’s ‘gender fluidity’ are among its vectors.

Woke emoji seek to subvert reality in a subtle and incremental way and are clearly targeted at children and young people who use smartphones all the time. A study conducted in the UK last year, by Childwise, revealed that by the age of seven 53 per cent of children owned a mobile phone and other research shows that most of them spent at least an hour every day – before Covid – texting, not talking.

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