The Rainbow Ringwraiths

Apr 5, 2017 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Totalitarians and fascists have always sought to demonise their opponents, in part by marking them out from the “normal” majority. They are clearly identified one way or another as recalcitrants, and treated accordingly. Simply consider how Jews fared as the Nazi regime occupied various European countries: being forced to wear a yellow badge in the form of a Star of David.

Millions of our young men gave their lives to fight these totalist regimes and to preserve our cherished freedoms. But a new totalitarianism is descending upon the West, and it comes in the form of the militant and totalitarian rainbow activists.

lotr ringwraith 2This site has documented hundreds of cases of pink fascism at work, and every day a new horror story emerges. I have recently discussed how various corporations are pushing the activist agenda, and how those who refuse to toe the line have suffered as a result.

A few days ago Sydney’s Catholic archbishop Anthony Fisher spoke out against this very thing:

Businesses should not use their commercial power to hold managers, employees, customers and the broader community to ransom on matters unrelated to the purposes of the business. The CEOs and managers of corporations have additional responsibilities to shareholders to pursue only the proper purposes of the company and to maximise profits within reason.

In our polity, corporations enjoy various privileges such as legal personality and perpetuity, limitation of liability, corporate tax rates, protections of intellectual property and bankruptcy law, et cetera, on the understanding that they will use those advantages only for their well-understood commercial purposes, and not so as to become a Fifth Estate governing our democracy.

He is exactly right, but things have gotten even worse since then. Just yesterday we heard of yet another attempt by the corporate world to ram homosexual marriage down our throats:

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