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from Christian Concern:

Just as we were entering summer holiday season, the think tank Policy Exchange released a report arguing that the law of treason ought to be restored in order to properly recognise the seriousness of acts of betrayal against society. Tim Dieppe discusses the reasons put forward for a new treason offence and argues that it is a welcome proposal. Treason was treated seriously in the Bible and has been across societies ever since. Helping organisations to attack our country should be regarded as a most serious offence today too.

Eminent authors and endorsements

The report is authored by Professor Richard Ekins, barrister and academic; Patrick Hennessey, barrister and broadcaster; Khalid Mahmoud MP; and Tom Tugendhat MP. It includes a foreword by Igor Judge, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales 2008-2013. The report is also endorsed by former Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP; Sir Noel Malcolm Senior Research Fellow at All Soul’s College, Oxford; Richard Walton, former Head of the Counter Terrorism Command; Lord Evans of Weardale, former Director General of the Security Service; and Sir Stephen Laws, former First Parliamentary Counsel.

Reasons for a new treason offence

The report is carefully argued and well-constructed. It argues that we need a new treason offence for the following key reasons:

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