The religious roads leading inexorably to a Syrian apocalypse

Apr 20, 2018 by

by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest:

Syria is a holy war, stupid! So why are we, Western morons, getting sucked into a bloody jihad that is not ours to fight? Why? Because East is East and West is West and wide-eyed Westerners refuse to concede how central religion is to the Eastern worldview.

Because we labour under the grand delusion that we can usher in the silver age of democracy to a world that longs for the golden age of a Caliphate. Because we are infected with the virus of wishful thinking and earnestly believe our secular interventions will solve the centuries-old religious problems of the Middle East.

Because the jihadists know we are suckers who can be drawn in with a few video clips and an amateur production of Lawrence of Arabia. Because naïve infidels like us who sanitise religion from the public square are supremely unaware of the Islamic theology of the end times and hardly know the score that the crisis in Syria is fuelled by the expectation of an apocalyptic countdown to Allah’s Armageddon.

The sources for Islamic eschatology, or theology of the last days, are mainly found in the Hadith (collections of Muhammad’s sayings). These traditions are voluminous, often contradictory and open to a number of interpretations, but are unanimous in pointing to Syria as the scene of the final apocalyptic battle. In fact Syria is the theatre of operations for much of apocalyptic activity.

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