The Rumblings of a Jealous God

Oct 5, 2021 by

by John Horvat, The Imaginative Conservative:

The collapse of our liberal order is upon us. As expected, many liberals assign the blame to Christian conservatives. We are the ones waging “forever” culture wars that prevent society from progressing, diversifying and becoming more inclusive. We are the ones who use culture as an identity marker to impose our “illiberal” agenda on America.

These outlandish accusations prove that there is a reaction to the nation’s moral decadence. There is principled opposition to procured abortion, the intrinsic evil of the LGBTQ lifestyles and Marxist critical race theory. Liberals unjustly label this principled opposition as rigid. Then, legitimate as this faithful resistance is, they lump it together with crazy ideologies linked to racism, nationalism, and identitarianism. Their next step is to weave fantastic conspiracy theories to fuel their rage against those who dare to oppose moral decay.

Traditional Religion as a Tool of Tyranny

What enrages liberals most is the entrance of traditional religion, especially Christianity, into the debate. It is a powerful force because it implies a moral order that opposes the liberals’ immoral disorder. It assumes a loving God that created this order to ensure our happiness. Religion’s “backwardness” opposes the liberal misguided notion of the evolution of history to ever-greater progress.

Thus, the liberal left does everything possible to avoid a moral debate by portraying religion as an authoritarian tool for dictators, Islamic terrorists and totalitarian regimes. The New York Times’ “moderate” writer David Brooks goes so far as to include Communist China as a “religious” regime because it adapts some Confucianist ideas to attack Western decadent and “sissy” mannerisms.

Thus, the debate shifts back to identity politics, Hegelian metaphysics, and anti-racist babble that liberals love to use to frame the debate. They will never discuss the need for Christianity and an objective moral order.

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