The same-sex marriage brigade need to be humbled

Aug 31, 2017 by

by Stephen Chavura, Spectator Australia:

The LGBTI liberation movement needs to be humbled, and the best way to do it is to vote ‘No’ to same-sex marriage.

Up until now the same-sex marriage campaign and its supporters have relied heavily on the demonisation of their opponents as bigots and haters. They have carried on as though their slogans of equality and rights are sufficient arguments that trump thousands of years of tradition, all the while shrilly accusing traditionalists of having blood on their hands for gay suicides.

Prominent traditionalists have continuously pleaded that they don’t hate gays, but prominent same-sex marriage activists have continued to assure gay Australians that they are very much objects of hate.

If gay teens feel hated after watching Q&A it is not because the Australian Christian Lobby has said that it hates gays but because gay lobbyists assure teens that they are hated.

For years same-sex marriage advocates called for a referendum while parliament kept rejecting their same-sex marriage bills, never once showing any concern that the debate might be toxic to gays around Australia. Then, once parliamentary numbers were on their side, they started saying that the parliament should be the institution that settles this and that a referendum would obviously be a health hazard to already mentally vulnerable gay Australians.

Of course, we are meant to just accept this.

And yet thousands of same-sex marriage advocates (and their media enablers) had no qualms in posting on Facebook and Twitter photos of what now appear to have been just a single poster, copied from the United States, placed anonymously in a minor Melbourne laneway with the revolting words “Stop the Fags”. In fact, they couldn’t post the image fast enough. Lesson? Advocates of same-sex marriage are apparently happy to plaster potentially traumatic images for all to see, regardless of the mental fragility of members of the LGBTQ community, as long as it could score a point against opponents to same-sex marriage.

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