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Sep 11, 2020 by

From Ligonier Ministries:

What do Americans think about Jesus Christ, the Bible, truth, and ethics? Ligonier Ministries’ State of Theology survey provides insights. Every two years, we take the theological temperature of the United States to help Christians better understand today’s culture and equip the church with better insights for discipleship. Read some of our key findings from 2020 below and explore the data for yourself. This survey was completed in early March as concern related to COVID-19 began to rise…

…The 2020 State of Theology survey reveals widespread confusion in the United States about the Bible’s teaching. While the American population in general appears to be drifting away from accepting the truth claims of the Christian faith, the growing and imminent health and social concerns at the time of this survey …may be partly responsible for leading some to reconsider their views. Evangelicals, while exhibiting some hopeful movement in the direction of biblical fidelity, also seem to be influenced by the culture’s uncertainty about what truth is, who Jesus is, and how sinners are saved.

These results reveal an urgent need for clear biblical teaching on the person of Christ, the gospel of grace, and the way that the truth of God informs our ethical decisions in everyday life.

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