The tangled legacy of a same sex blessing vote that pleased no-one

Feb 13, 2023 by

from Religion Media Centre:

Back home, the general synod decision to allow same sex blessings has reverberated on social media. The Bishop of Lancaster Jill Duff , interviewed on TransWorld Radio, said the decision was “in error” and in reply Rev Dr Charlie Bell said this was misrepresentation which  brought the church into disrepute. There was a 15 minute discussion on BBC1 with all sides heard and the RMC did its own briefing, reflecting the tangled legacy of the decision. In summary, our panel was exhausted, sad, confused, anxious,  angry and bewildered with one searingly honest conclusion: “We don’t actually know what we agreed to yesterday”. Report of our briefing is here and the briefing can be viewed again here.

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