The tide is turning away from atheism. Why?

Sep 17, 2023 by

from Solas Centre for Public Christianity:

Justin Brierley’s The Surprising Rebirth Of Belief in God has just been officially released in the US. The following discussion is from his interview about his new book with the Solas Centre for Public Christianity, an apologetics ministry based in Scotland.

What’s the ‘big idea’ in your new book?

‘The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God’ is a book that I’ve tried to summarise by its subtitle: ‘Why new atheism grew old and secular thinkers are considering Christianity again’.

The Victorian poet Matthew Arnold famously described the ‘melancholy, long withdrawing roar’ of the ‘sea of faith’ in his generation, and for the last 150 years the tide of Christianity has continued to recede in the West.

However, in this book I recount the ways in which, after a long spell in the grip of the atheist materialist worldview, we are seeing Western culture begin to open up to the idea of God again – in culture, history, science, philosophy and other areas.

It’s not a simple picture – when people get rid of God they tend to replace him with all kinds modern idols and quasi-religious stories. We don’t become less religious, we just become religious about different things.

However, I believe the Christian story may be ready to sweep in again and make sense of the many smaller stories people are telling themselves today as they tire of the thin gruel of atheist materialism and the confusion of the post-modern ideologies that have proliferated.

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