The UK government is going down a dangerous path in its zeal to ban ‘conversion therapies’

Jul 11, 2018 by

from Christian Concern:

On Tuesday the government announced an LGBT Action Plan, and top of the list is the determination to ‘stamp out’ what it simplistically calls ‘conversion therapies’ for sexual orientation and gender identity. The usual media circus flared up as it does around this subject. Most journalists and commentators have not realised how dangerous this really is. The United Kingdom has turned a corner with this announcement in that it is attacking fundamental rights and freedoms which historically it used to support.

Why ex-gays are perceived as a threat

Gay activists clearly perceive the very claim of ex-gay people to exist to be a serious threat. This is the real reason they want the entire ex-gay movement silenced, and their way to do that is to campaign worldwide to ban therapy that aims to reduce unwanted same-sex attraction and to increase heterosexual attraction. The real reason this therapy has been attacked and allegedly ‘discredited’ by gay activists is precisely that many people have experienced change to a greater or lesser degree. Thousands of people around the world have either left the gay lifestyle or have never acted upon same-sex attraction.

It is vitally important to grasp that ‘gay’ is a sexual identity not just a sexual orientation. It is a social category and around it an entire apparatus of rights and privileges has been built which props up an entire subculture that has now taken over the government. This has led to the redefinition of marriage and family life in law and public policy, with very damaging consequences all around.

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