The virus has brought the liberal chickens home to roost

Mar 28, 2020 by

by Andrew Cadman, The Conservative Woman:

[…] liberals and progressives seem to have all the best tunes. They get to build the great utopias, fulfil the feel-good ideals: in their world it is always year zero, that glad confident morning when it is bliss to be alive. Conservatism, especially social conservatism, seems by comparison deadly dull. In our modern world of hitherto unimaginable plenty, it is not surprising that liberalism triumphed: looking at those pictures of those young hipsters out and about in London’s parks last weekend, it was clear that the concept of serious defeat or hardship was inconceivable to them.

Well, the chickens have well and truly come home to roost. As social conservatives have always argued, it is now apparent that a central problem with liberalism is that it creates a low-resilience society. Rejecting the organic frameworks that took centuries to build, over the last fifty years it has substituted its own highly sophisticated but highly unstable ones, in the process maxing out all our social and economic capital…

…The reason is fundamentally cultural: the year-zero minded liberal elites never thought to ask themselves whether there really will always be a better tomorrow.

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