The way forward

Feb 23, 2023 by

Differing perspectives on where we stand, and the way forward for the CofE and the Communion.

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As Chasm Widens, Traditional Anglicans Plot Faithful Future by Jeffrey Walton, Juicy Ecumenism:

What is the right way forward for the Church of England after General Synod? by Martin Davie, CT

Keeping Faith – Why we are compelled to resist, CEEC

Toward reviving, reforming, and reordering the Anglican Communion – Fourteen Theses with Text and Commentary by Stephen Noll

The Need For New And Temporary Provision Of Alternative Episcopal Oversight For Ordinands Compelled To Resist The Proposals Of The House Of Bishops by a group of Ordinands currently in training

Getting it in writing from Anglican Futures

Meeting of College of Bishops March 23, 2023, Church of England website

LLF: Recent Past, Present & Future by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum

The Next Step: Formation of a new Communion of Churches: Theses 1-14, by Stephen Noll

Why we are compelled to resist – CEEC

Bishop of Rochester will not back same-sex blessings, Anglican Ink

Global South Anglicans chairman’s message for Lent — CoE traditionalists will not be abandoned. The GFSA has their backs

London conservatives look for support from breakaway Anglicans by Ed Thornton, Church Times

NoRM webinar: Revitalisation in Love and Faith, Church Society

Bishop Cocksworth’s startling admissions by David Baker, Christian Today

Taylor throws down the gauntlet. Other bishops will ordain, instead, if needed, from St Helen’s Bishopsgate

Split or Stay? Encouragement for Anglican Pastors by John Yates, TGC

Living in Love and Faith: Where Do Things Stand? Where Do We Go From Here? by Christopher Cocksworth, Covenant

Could you bring people together? from Anglican Futures

Welby asks to meet Anglican Primates over CofE same-sex blessing plans, Christian Today


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