Theologian Pushes Christians to Ask What It Means to be Human in a Growing Trans-Human World

Jun 10, 2024 by

by David Virtue DD, Virtueonline:

Dr. Carl Trueman sees West at tipping point on sexual revolution

Carl R. Trueman is Professor of Biblical & Religious Studies at Grove City College, PA. He was recently the main presenter at the Anglican Diocese of the Living Word’s (ACNA) annual diocesan conference in Souderton, PA. VOL interviewed Dr. Trueman on his views and the release of his magisterial new book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, where he investigates the impact of technology and social media platforms on our construction of self. He presents how these platforms promote the expression of the inner self, thus reinforcing the romantic notion of self-identity being rooted in personal experiences and feelings.

VOL: Thank you for giving me your time Dr. Trueman. In your book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, you employ a few labels in order to summarize the historical pathway of the self. The “psychological self” was followed by the “romantic self.” This was succeeded by the “plastic (or malleable) self.” Next came the explicitly “sexual self,” which has now, under the arguments of the New Left, become the “sexually politicized self.” Are there any more self’s to explore or have we come to an end.

TRUEMAN: I hesitate to say we have come to the end; perhaps the trans-human self is yet to come. Transgenderism as a function of the sexual revolution isn’t necessarily about sexual desire, but is rather about the role of the body in human identity. The onset of technological innovation has led to a world which has “made the unimaginable imaginable.” Transhumanism is the raw material; it is not something that respects the integrity of the body.

VOL: Have we reached the bottom of the selfist sexual swamp or are their greater depths the culture has yet to explore?

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