This Cross-Dressing Child Is Not ‘Expressing’ Himself. He Is Being Sexually Abused.

Jan 10, 2018 by

by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire:

An “erotic” gay clothing line that specializes in racy apparel — “a kinky Victoria’s Secret for gay men,” as the Daily Caller describes it — announced on Twitter this week that a nine-year-old boy would be their new “cover girl.” The boy, real name Nemis Quinn, is a “drag queen” who regularly performs in drag shows to the delight of the pedophilic gay men who come to watch.

Under the stage name “Lactatia,” Nemis has received worldwide attention and been glowingly profiled by several major American media outlets. Elle recently ran a slideshow of “Lactatia” photos. Teen Vogue just the other week had its own slideshow. I will not provide links to either of them. But just to clarify, again, these are pictures of a young boy dressed in overtly sexual outfits. It is, basically, child porn featured in mainstream publications.

Of course, the LGBT camp can’t get enough of Lactatia. He is celebrated by the Left, particularly the gay Left, as a champion of self-expression. Never mind that the boy is not expressing his own views or desires at this age, but rather his parents’ views and desires. Speaking of which, unsurprisingly, his mom and dad are extremely “supportive” of their child’s job as a professional cross-dresser. And by “supportive” I mean they imposed it on him so that they could live vicariously through him.

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