Three men marry in first legally recognised ‘polyamorous wedding’

Jun 15, 2017 by

by Tanveer Mann, Metro:

Three men have made history by becoming the first trio to wed in a same-sex ceremony in Colombia.

Manuel Bermudez, Victor Hugo Prada and Alejandro Rodriguez tied the knot in a romantic ceremony on Saturday in the city of Medellin, in the north-western Colombian department of Antioquia.

Three people are legally allowed to marry each other in Colombia, where it is known as a ‘trieja’ – a word derived from two others: trio and pareja: trio and couple.

The trio became the first same-sex trio to tie the knot after spending years in love.

Newlywed Victor Hugo Parada said: ‘We wish to have an economical system based on the ‘trieja’ relationship that we already have.

‘This issue is not banned by international laws, neither by Colombian laws’.

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