Time for a coronavirus crackdown on RSE indoctrination

Mar 31, 2020 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

Carys Moseley comments on how we can learn lessons from the health risks of sexual practices during coronavirus and apply them to our teaching of RSE.

Schools across the UK are going online due to the coronavirus crisis, whilst children of healthcare and emergency workers continue to be educated in school buildings. As the new RSE curriculum is being rolled out early in ‘early adopter schools’ in England, now is the time to monitor its content and impact. For the reality of the matter is that basing the new sexual morality on consent will not work. Rather it will further erode society just as it has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic and is being forced to practice social distancing, which really entails ending promiscuity.

‘Human rights’ and the new RSE

Long-standing gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell promotes himself as a human rights campaigner and has gained a great deal of influence through being constantly quoted in the press and through his charitable foundation. He is one of the most influential campaigners for the new RSE, and in this respect, deals with all heterosexual behaviour as well.

In May 2019, the Peter Tatchell Foundation sent a letter to Damian Hinds, then Education Secretary, calling for revision of Sex Education in schools. This was co-signed by four other activists including actor Stephen Fry and Ellie Barnes, CEO of LGBT charity Educate and Celebrate, which aims to ‘smash heteronormativity’ in schools. On 21 February this year Tatchell gave a talk in London outlining his recommendations for the new Relationships and Sex Education in schools in the UK. This talk was almost identical to the 2019 letter, except that it included more dangerous material, such as recommending that pupils aged 16 and over should be taught about practices most people find distasteful (see below).

Below is an analysis of his recommendations for RSE in primary and secondary schools, also showing how it stacks up against the current public health advice on preventing the spread of the Coronavirus across the UK. Let’s go through them. Bear in mind that Tatchell does not simply campaign for LGBT indoctrination but for normalising heterosexual promiscuity as well.

RSE for four-year olds

Tatchell wants RSE lessons from the age of four onwards, and on a monthly basis until children leave school. Clearly he believes there is an awful lot of new material that needs to be covered each month.

If he is sincere about what he says that sexual behaviour should only occur between those over the age of consent (16), then why start RSE from the age of four?

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