Together in Love and Faith? Should the Church bless same -sex partnerships? A Response to the Bishop of Oxford

Nov 6, 2022 by

by Vaughan Roberts:

In his essay, Together in Love and Faith, Bishop Steven Croft explains how he came to change his mind concerning committed same-sex partnerships and argues that they should now be fully recognised and celebrated by the Church.1 He also proposes a settlement, which would provide for differentiation of provision and oversight for those who could not support this change. Given that he makes it clear that he writes self-consciously as a bishop, his arguments will no doubt receive careful attention, not least in his own diocese.

As an incumbent in Oxford, I feel a sense of responsibility to explain why I, along with many others in the diocese, do not agree with him that the Church should change its position on this matter. I do, however, believe that elements of the second part of his proposal offer a hopeful basis for a potential way forward for the Church of England out of the present unsatisfactory situation.

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