Toronto Journalist: Pride parades so nasty they’ll turn ‘all of society against the LGBT community’

Sep 12, 2017 by

by Lianne Laurence, LifeSite:

Lauren Southern, formerly a reporter with The Rebel and now an independent journalist, skewered homosexual pride parades in a six-minute video rant.

Southern’s video, posted August 7, includes explicit and disturbing clips of some of the worst excesses of “Pride” parades: lewd dancing, simulated homosexual acts, a “twerking” eight-year-old, and the shocking clip of the little girl watching a man in underwear dancing while off-camera voices laugh and mock, “Oh, where is mom and dad?”

“For the most part I’m pretty libertarian,” says the 22-year-old Southern, who originally hails from Surrey, British Columbia. “But if you ever want to spur some homophobia in reasonable people, just take them to a Pride Parade. Because, hell, even my LGBTLMNOP friends go bigoted on Pride.”

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(Video showing scenes from gay pride parade- not for the easily offended!)

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