Tory MP hits out at charity status for Christian ‘rebranded gay cure’ group

Feb 18, 2016 by

By Nick Duffy, Pink News:

A senior Tory MP has hit out at a decision to give charity status to a group that encourages gay people not (sic) to remain celibate for life.

The UK’s Charity Commission this week approved an application from Christian group Living Out, affirming that its work is for the “public benefit” despite a previous rejection.

Living Out claims it encourages discussion of homosexuality “from a Biblical perspective” – claiming that gay sex comes about through Original Sin, and teaching gay Christians that they must abstain from sex for life to avoid being seen as “sinful”.

Despite claiming not to endorse ‘gay cures’ and merely promoting abstinence, their website clearly states: “We welcome and support the work of those individuals and organisations who responsibly seek to help Christians who experience same-sex attraction as in conflict with their commitment to live in accordance with biblical teaching. This help will involve counsel and pastoral support to live a chaste life and, as part of this process, some may seek and experience changes in the strength or direction of their same-sex attractions.”

The group refers to homosexuality as ‘same-sex attraction’ (SSA) – a term most commonly used by controversial ‘gay cure’ practitioners in the US.

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