Transgenderism: A Leftist Weapon Against the Family

Sep 21, 2017 by

The Los Angeles Times recently published an approving article about schools’ introducing kindergartners to gender dysphoria (otherwise known as transgenderism). This topic has been much in the news lately, especially after a California charter school—without notifying parents—held a “gender-reveal ceremony” for a confused little boy. The teacher then read to the other children, now confused as well but for other reasons, from a book written by a dysphoric teenager. The Times thinks this is all fine because “experts” from the radical Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) say it is.

Leftists insist that this kind of activity in schools is necessary to make dysphoric children feel accepted and secure. Maybe. But there is a darker agenda at work, one that has been in play for at least a century.

If you were educated before the onset of Common Core, you probably read the 1932 British novel Brave New World. One aspect of the “utopia” described by Aldous Huxley was the forced sexualization of children. Young children were sent into the gardens naked and encouraged to engage in “ordinary erotic play.” Any child who resisted was trundled off to the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology to determine if he or she was mentally ill.

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