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by David Robertson, theweeflea:

[…] Again so many stories in the media this book. Like this in The Guardian highlighting the divisions within the Labour, Feminist and Anarchist movements about the issue –


Or how about this  from the Government’s former Mental Health ‘Tsar’, Natasha Devon, who has advised head teachers that the terms ‘girl’ and ‘woman’ should not be used because it reminds people of their gender. “ I hope that in taking away the negative stereotypes associated with gender, we can ultimately improve their mental health.” It astounds me that we actually pay these people to come up with this nonsense!

There was also this excellent article from the Catholic Herald –

But for me the most interesting development is the hypocrisy and double-mindedness of the BBC. On the one hand they are doing their best to promote women’s sports as being exactly the same as men’s sports – so the women’s ‘Ashes’ are promoted the same as the men’s Ashes. Women’s football is as hyped up as men’s – this despite the fact that attendances and interest are much less. The BBC clearly feels that they can create the interest but they are faced with a significant problem. In these sports the quality is just not as good. That is because men and women are different. But they will do their best to try to convince us that watching men’s cricket/football is exactly the same as watching women’s. I remember being at the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne and what amazed me was how packed the men’s courts were with spectators and how, apart from the very top players, by comparison the women’s ones were depopulated. But when you saw the difference in the quality of the tennis you realised why this would be the case.

Be that as it may,  the BBC has a problem on its hands. On the one hand they promote women’s sport, on the other they promote an ideology that will destroy it far more than any misogyny .  The BBC are prime advocates of the transgender and gender fluid movement.

Two years ago I was mocked and ridiculed for predicting that the transgender fad could destroy women’s sport by making it meaningless. After all if gender is just a social construct and nothing to do with biology why have women’s sport at all? Even more so if men can just announce that they are women and therefore are eligible to compete in ‘women’s’ sport. This is already happening. Take for example this case reported in Pink Times (sic).  Laurel Hubbard has been named in the New Zealand women’s Commonwealth team for Australia 2018. She was a male weightlifter who now has an enormous advantage in the women’s competition.  The Australian’s say that their games will be the most ‘inclusive’ games in history. Perhaps they may be the last where men and women compete in separate events.

WWJD – about Transgender?

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