Turning Dutch doctors into executioners has led to suicide on demand

Jan 30, 2018 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite:

The slippery slopes of the Netherlands’ euthanasia regime are becoming streamlined as they grow slick with blood—and now, even some of those who have worked in the dispatch industry for years are becoming uncomfortable as the Grim Reaper annexes more territory with barely a whisper of protest from those tasked with protecting the vulnerable.

Berna van Baarsen, a medical ethicist in North Holland who worked on a Dutch regional assessment committee for euthanasia determining whether killings were carried out legally, resigned on New Year’s Day in response to a Dutch law allowing “non-consenting” patients with dementia to be killed by doctors.

In order for so many people to be legally killed, language itself had to be murdered first.

“Non-consenting,” of course, means simply killing someone against their will. But “non-consenting” sounds so much more pleasant, as if some frivolous courtesy were being violated rather than the sanctity of human life. Or in the slippery language of Article 2.2 of the Dutch euthanasia law:

If a patient aged sixteen or over who is no longer capable of expressing his will, but before reaching this state was deemed capable of making a reasonable appraisal of his own interests, has made a written declaration requesting that his life be terminated, the physician may comply with this request unless he has well-founded reasons for declining to do so.

Van Baarsen, who has spent a decade signing off on killings of all sorts, finally drew the line and quit when the time for her to rubber-stamp the killings of demented old men and women came.

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