Tutufication is not the solution to division and oppression

Jan 3, 2022 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

Canon Mark Oakley wrote to the Times over the weekend with a plea for the Church of England to adopt Tutufication:

It is an interesting thesis, not least because quite a few bishops will read this and think, ‘I’m already doing that’, and ‘Yes, that’s precisely my mission passion’, or ‘I’m immensely creative and already preach freely about radical inclusion and justice for minorities’. So the first hurdle to the proposal would be the pride of righteous reification, which may be probed gently and certain self-perceptions pricked with the repelling reality: few if any of the Bishops are committed to honesty and transparency. Canon Oakley is right about how being episcopal symbols of unity can compromise personal integrity and theology; and how a bureaucratic “dominant committee language”  has become consuming and pervasive, which “ticks boxes but resonates with virtually no one”.

And yet his proposition – Tutufication – is really not the solution.

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