Twisted logic of the Britain Bashers

Oct 21, 2017 by

by David Kurten, The Conservative Woman:

After Theresa May abandoned every last shred of conservatism and jumped on the ‘progressive’ Britain-bashing bandwagon when the government’s ‘race audit’ was published, it is now flavour of the month to take pot-shots at white people, the United Kingdom or the West in general, for being institutionally racist. This is not for anything any white person has done, but because you get Twitter points for saying white people are bad.

The BBC is merrily joining in the fray and scraping new lows in propagandising the fake concept of white institutional racism. A person named Munroe Bergdorf, who identifies as a mixed-race transsexual model, is the latest nonentity searching for 15 minutes of fame by calling white people ‘the most violent and oppressive force of nature on earth’, while sitting comfortably and safely in a television studio in a majority white country, surrounded by Western technology, to convey his views to the masses.

If the word ‘white’ were replaced with ‘black’ or ‘Muslim’ or any other identity moniker, no doubt the hate crime police would be knocking at his door in an instant.

Another aggrieved guest named Professor Kehinde Andrews was invited on to the BBC’s Newsnight to say that he is going to start acting like the spoiled, ungrateful and immensely wealthy footballers in the USA who ‘take a knee’, and refuse to stand for the Union Flag or the National Anthem to protest against colonialism. He claims that in Britain as well, ‘racism is so ingrained that it is part of the DNA of the nation’, so ingrained that he has a nice cushy job at Birmingham City University where he can expound his ideas in peace, and is free to go on national television to do a bit of ‘Britain-bashing’ without any threat to his health, safety, security or income.

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