Twitter Bans ‘Activist Mommy’ for Criticizing Teen Vogue Editor’s Promotion of Teen Sex

Sep 2, 2017 by

by Brandon Showalter, Christian Post:

A popular Christian blogger has been suspended from Twitter for criticizing a Teen Vogue editor who approved of publishing an article that encourages youth to have anal sex.

Grace Elizabeth Johnston, also known as “The Activist Mommy” who has over 260,000 Facebook friends and followers, received notice this week that she has been banned from the popular social media site because of an Aug. 16 tweet she wrote in response to Philip Bicardi, the digital editor of Teen Vogue. In this tweet she sarcastically congratulated him for getting an award from a gay magazine for his promotion of anal sex among children.

According to Twitter, Johnston’s account was suspended because the tweet violated its user “rules” which forbid harassment and abuse.

“Of course, actual videos of children being abused can be found on Twitter. But calling out an editor for promoting teen sodomy is worth a suspension?”Johnston posited on her website Wednesday.

In July, Teen Vogue published an explicit online instruction guide titled “Anal Sex 101” and when backlash ensued — fueled in part by Johnston’s viral video urging parents to demand their local libraries and grocery stories pull the magazine from their shelves — Bicardi tweeted a picture of himself giving the middle finger to those who objected.

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