UK Council: Give Romanian children back to their father, not to same-sex couple

Jun 12, 2016 by

PETITION from CitizenGo:

Just as one miscarriage of family justice seems to be resolving itself in Norway (the Bodnariu family are being reunited), another miscarriage of family justice seems to be worsening in the UK. Both cases have one thing in common: Isolated Romanian families.
Claudia Racolta and Florin Barbu, who are Romanian citizens and who met in London in 2007, have two children together – Diana (now, aged 8) and Andy (aged 5). Unfortunately, Claudia and Florin had some marital troubles, starting in 2013. And, in March, 2014, Diana and Andy were taken into custody by Haringey Council.
Since then, Florin (their father) has sought to regain custody — to no avail, even though all evidence demonstrates that he is a loving father, who has always been responsible for looking after his children’s needs.
Recently, things took a decidedly negative turn for Mr Barbu, as the Council apparently decided to adopt out Diana and Andy to a same-sex couple. This decision made such a deep impact on Mr Barbu, that he mounted a hunger strike outside the European Court of Human Rights in Luxembourg for more than two weeks.


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