Unbiblical ideas are everywhere but Christians are shrinking back in silence.

Nov 26, 2022 by

By Graham Nicholls, Premier:

Our church leaders must be bolder.

Schools are teaching children dangerous ideas from a young age and extreme laws around gender are being passed in Scotland, argues Graham Nicholls. He believes church leaders need to be much more courageous when it comes to teaching on sexual ethics’

The recent debate on gender self-ID in Scotland should send shockwaves across the UK.

A nation once heavily influenced by Christian thinking has voted for a new ideology, which overturns centuries of science, reason, and Christian teaching.

The Government’s Bill aims to lower the age at which a person can change sex to just 16, requiring no medical or other evidence, and needing only six months’ living as if the other sex.

This news has terrifying ramifications for parents, schools and many struggling teenagers. The vote may have seen the largest SNP rebellion ever, with one Government minister resigning over the issue, but still the Bill progressed – 88 votes in favour and 33 against.

It will take many months for Self-ID to pass through the Scottish Parliament. Doubtless, many will seek to amend it. But if it passes in anything like its current form, being a faithful Christian in Scotland is set to be even further at odds with the relentless ‘progressive’ worldview pursued by those at the top.

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