Vogue’s transgender ‘suffragette’ and a licence to bully women

Jan 8, 2018 by

by Caroline Farrow, The Conservative Woman:

‘I’m just going to say this one more time so it penetrates,’ shrieked transgender woman India Willoughby to his assembled female companions in the Celebrity Big Brother house. ‘I am a woman!’

It’s quite something to see a biological male attempting to use verbal violence and aggression to bully, hector and ‘penetrate’ a group of women into accepting that he is exactly the same as they are, despite the fact that he was born with a full set of male genitalia and is the father of a teenage son.

Watching this man browbeat a group of women into silence by shouting at them, insisting that he is the victim and demanding that they ‘respect’ him by uncritically accepting that he is a woman who happened by some inexplicable and cruel trick of Mother Nature to be trapped in the wrong body for fifty years, one could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the feminists do have a point about the patriarchy.

While I haven’t watched much of Celebrity Big Brother, what has struck me is that every time the women have been on the verge of a fascinating discussion, such as the Catholic sex abuse scandal, along comes India Willoughby to close the subject down –‘Ladies, this isn’t Panorama’ (don’t trouble your feeble brains) – and make the conversation all about him and his victimhood.

Interesting, too, that the two targets Willoughby has focused his aggression upon, 82-year-old lesbian actress Amanda Barrie and 70-year-old former politician Ann Widdecombe, are the two women who without his presence would be the undoubted matriarchs of the group. Both are highly intelligent, sharp, witty and experienced women of the world, with plenty of experience when it comes to telling men to take a hike. No wonder his fragile ego can’t cope with the slightest suggestion that he could be male. Even when Barrie and Widdecombe apologise for inadvertently ‘misgendering’ India and calling him by male pronouns, it is not enough. They must be intimidated into seeing the error of their ways.

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