We are not nasty people, and my kids will not be taught otherwise

Dec 11, 2017 by

by Veronica Winkels, MercatorNet:

Last Friday a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Australia waltzed through both the lower and upper houses of parliament. Though some further formalities have yet to be performed, Australia has joined the band of Western countries to accept same-sex marriage.

As a wife (of a man, I feel I need to clarify), and mother of our two children, I believe this overturning of our country’s marital values to be calamitous. Time and again I hear the opposition’s cry that these changes to the marriage law are only positive — that more freedoms have been bestowed upon humanity. But I hesitate to believe that.

An individual’s freedom from things like religious persecution, social engineering and a great many other things has suffered a heavy blow. There are three major problems for me in this.

My family is marginalized. Individuals and families who hold to the traditional belief in marriage as being between one man and one woman have suddenly been pushed by the law onto the fringes of society.

They are now officially a “backward”, “archaic”, “bigoted”, “narrow-minded”, “mean-spirited’ lot. They “hate” homosexuals and desire the return to a patriarchal social hierarchy where anyone who considers themselves LGBTIQ or P would be ostracized, chemically manipulated for “correction”, whipped, or even put to death.

Such claims are reckless lies. Yet hyperbole has become one of the Left’s most powerful tools for marginalizing us. If you don’t like gays getting married, you must detest them as people. You desire them to be miserable. This not the attitude of those who resist the redefinition of marriage. Citing extreme media rants or fake posters is simply a ploy to drown rational and respectfully stated arguments.

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