We Corrupt Our Children But Turn Our College Students Into Babies

Oct 24, 2017 by

by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire:

In our society, we expect our children to be adults but our adults to be children. We protect college students from opposing ideas but we make no effort to protect elementary school students from all manner of perversion and deviancy. We provide safe spaces at universities but not kindergarten classrooms. We’ve determined that our kids are capable of choosing their own gender by the age of 3, but not capable of living on their own or paying for their own health care at the age of 25. We demand that our 5-year-olds be eighteen so that our 18-year-olds can be five. We expose when we should shield and shield when we should expose. We have everything inside out and backwards, and the result is a country filled with inside out and backwards people.

This thought occurred to me today when I read the story of a “sex education” lesson delivered to 12-year-olds. I put sex education in quotes because these aren’t so much lessons as they are pedophilic grooming sessions. The kids were taught about mutual masturbation and oral sex — where you put your “mouth” in someone’s “underwear zone” — along with vaginal and anal sex. A male teacher reportedly told a student that if he’s “going down on a girl” and “it looks like cauliflower,” he needs to “get up out of there.” This is an adult speaking to a child, in case you forgot.

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