“We Really Really Tried.” A 2017 Letter from GIDS Clinicians Ignored by The Guardian

Dec 4, 2020 by

from Transgender Trend:

In today’s Observer, sister paper to the Guardian, there is an article about the current controversies surrounding Tavistock GIDS, and the concerns expressed by current and former GIDS clinicians and senior members of staff over the past few months.

It has been a great disappointment to many on the Left that the Guardian has been largely silent on this issue. But two former GIDS clinicians sent a letter to the Guardian back in 2017 to alert them to serious concerns about what was going on within GIDS. One of the authors of the submission to the Guardian commented to us “we really really tried.” However, rather than jumping to publish such a devastating testimony – the kind of exclusive most journalists would give their right arm for – the Guardian chose to ignore it. 

We are very happy to publish that letter here. We are very grateful to the GIDS clinicians  for writing such a powerful and honest testimony and for allowing us to publish it. The rest of this post is in their own words:

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