Welby: there is no need to ‘save the parish’; there is no threat to it

Sep 28, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

The Archbishop of Canterbury recently made a very subtle intervention in the process of elections to the General Synod. Indeed, so subtle was it that absolutely nobody noticed. Just as ballot papers and personal statements were landing in the inboxes of the deanery electorates (the CofE is not ‘one member one vote’), including a new raft of candidates for the ‘Save the Parish‘ initiative organised by the Rev’d Marcus Walker, Justin Welby gave an interview to the Church Times in which he said there is absolutely no need for ‘Save the Parish’ because the parish doesn’t need saving from anything: there is no threat, no challenge, no conspiracy, and no desire to see it harmed, compromised or diminished in the spiritual life of the nation.

So don’t waste your Synod vote on a group of “rascally voices” that screech about an imaginary struggle against an apocryphal plot to dismantle the parish network.

A few people responded:

welby save the parishwelby save the parish

The second comment was expounded by Emma Thompson in her Spectator article last week: ‘The Church Closers’ Charter must be torn up‘, in which she explained the significance of draft legislation currently heading to Synod:

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